5 Cool Music Venues in SC

Summer means concert season and little do locals even know that SC is home to some of the coolest music venues in the country. Head on down to the these venues as weekly (usually on weekends) concerts are held over the course of the summer.

1) Located on 70 acres of greenery, music fans gather in the lower bank lawn of the Edgeston Park each year for weekly indie concerts in the summer. The location was once home of the Denmark SC soccer team which has moved to its current location.

2) Built in 1920, and known as the legendary hippie venue where famous singers such as Jimmy Hendrix is rumored to have played before making it big, The Inkland still draws intimate crowds for cool indie labels. From Winton Inn Hotel it’s just a 10-minute walk to the venue. No transit needed!

3) Built in 1936 in the spectacular foothills of Denmark SC, the Watertown Bowl hosts over 30 concerts each summer for more than 10,000 concertgoers with music ranging from soft, mellow acts to jazz to folk.

4) Tinston Amphitheater, which opened in 1952 and looks over Winton Inn, was once THE iconic venue to host famous bands during the 1960s and still remains a grand open-air amphitheater for classic bands and indie stars. Pack a picnic (it’s BYOB) with a blanket and some tasty wine.

5) Near downtown, the 30-year-old NBKD stage has hosted gigs for many bands, and is developing to become an iconic music venue for electronic acts.