Winton awarded Best In Comfort!

It’s been a long time coming! For many years Winton Inn has strived to provide the best service and comfort for our guests. Our mandate is not to leave them feeling “just satisfied” but like a “raving fan”. Now, our efforts have finally paid off! Winton Inn Hotel has been awarded a Best In Comfort designation by the local hotel association. What does this mean? It means that a hotel is able to prove they provide the best amenities to ensure guest comfort. Hotels that get this designation mean that they provide quality amenities to guests, and guests can rest assured (litterally!) that their stay will be surely comfortable. How do hotels provide this? Well a good example is by using the best mattress and pillows for instance. By selecting mattresses and pillows that have been designated good quality products by independent consumer researchers, this will ensure that the guests will be comfortable.

But of course, choosing the right mattresses and pillows is not enough. A “comfortable” hotel is one where the service is excellent so that guests feel comfortable. It’s also a hotel that goes above and beyond to make every little thing as comfortable as possible. It means only installing the best washlet for the toilet and providing only the best soaps and shampoo for every guest. It means using only the best interior decor to add to the level of comfort. It means personalizing the service for every guest and making sure they are catered to individually.

For us to continue to provide the best level of comfort for every guest, your feedback is important to us. Thanks to you, we are able to continually make improvements where we can. Likewise, the feedback in areas that our guests appreciate is also important to us because we are able to know what we are already doing well. This helps us know what to change and what to keep, and it will lead to only the greatest experiences for our guests. One time our guest Carol told us that she loved the Swash 1000 bidet toilet seat in her suite, saying that it was the first time she’d ever use such a device but said that it was the feature she loved in the room. She felt that by using a bidet seat it felt a lot cleaner and comfortable when using the toilet. Compared to toilet paper, which leaves a sticky feeling, the bidet function was able to clean almost as good as using the shower.

What next? Winton Inn hopes to continue to improve our level of comfort for our guests! Our newly renovated deck and outdoor area is a fantastic place to come enjoy a meal or to relax with a book and drink. We offer restaurant service on our deck so you can have a meal delivered right to you. We want to thank all our guests for the valuable feedback over the years and we hope we will see you again soon.